Our calibration maintains high accuracy in master equipment and traceability to International Standards. In an environmentally controlled calibration laboratory, well-trained, qualified, and competent experts with a defined work procedure, perform calibration in various ranges of measuring equipment according to the customer, project, and standard requirements. API calibration certificates comply with the industry-accepted International.

API works with its partners to offer you complete fabrication services for skid-mounted / modular equipment, from the supply of material, through fabrication, inspection, testing, and assembly, including surface finishing, electrical and instrumentation work, insulation, and packing.

We deliver Skids to Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, and Water Industries, with certified welding procedures and professional experience enabling us to work with a comprehensive array of materials, including carbon and low temp carbon steel, stainless and alloy steels, as well as HDPE and GRE. Integration, Assembly, Calibration & Testing of Pressure, Temperature, Level &Flow Instruments including Tank gauging solutions.

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