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Diaphragm Seal

API Diaphragm seal systems are used for demanding measuring environments with extreme temperatures in the process industry. The diaphragm seal assemblies protect the process transmitter from aggressive, corrosive, heterogeneous, abrasive, highly viscous or toxic media. The internal space between the diaphragm and the pressure measuring instrument is filled with a system fill fluid, to make the diaphragm seal wrists these harsh conditions. This system fill fluid can leak through when a seal is broken. Broken seals can be repaired and assembled with our specialised equipment to reduce the cost of ownership. Our services include:

Diaphragm seal filling services for new and existing equipment.
Diaphragm seal repairs.
Calibration services with seal equipment for new and existing.
Helium Leak detection Tests according to ISO 15848 on diaphragm seals

  • x6.01 Direct Coupled Threaded Seal
  • x6.02 Slip Ring Coupled Threaded Seal
  • x6.03 Welded Threaded Seal
  • x6.04 Flushed Threaded Seal
  • x6.05 Flushed Flange Seal
  • x6.06 Inverted Flanged Seal
  • x6.07 Extended Neck Flanged Seal
  • x6.08 Hygienic Seal
  • x6.09 Diaphragm Seal With Loose Flange